Tokyo_the end

The end by Vialis

We’ve found Vialis’ girl!
Mikae smile serving us tea in her small traditional home in Jingumae.
The kindness and naughtiness in Azusa almond eyes.
The young and carefree walk of Tsubasa through Omotesando shops.
The delicates bare foots of Risa over the tatami of Taisou Temple.
The joy of Ayano, Miki and Mitsuko, as we discovered the secret corners of the crazed neighborhood of Shibuya.
The porcelain face of Yoko and the unforgettable waist line of Yukiko.
Izumi’s amazing ability to mix colors and contrasting styles while remaining elegant.
The compelling youth and modernity of Misaki and her friend Mikiko.
The craziness and debauchery of Sakura in the Golden Gai bars.
They all are and they all have a little of Vialis’ girl spirit. That spirit that mixed up tradition and modernity, activity and serenity, maturity and youth.
The will of constant search, innovate, take risks and create something of their own and different.
In Tokyo we have found Vialis’ girl, but we won’t stop. We are going to keep looking for you.


3 Respuestas a “Tokyo_the end

  1. felicidades por toda la campaña “Tokio”…es espectacular y lo más importante….el producto también!! Buenas ventas!

  2. Qué linda chica, me gustó mucho la estética de esta campaña. Buen trabajo!

  3. Cañonazo de tía y fantástica para Vialis. Muy chulo el trabajo. Felicidades a todo el equipo..!


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